Sharing the Gift of Life: Increasing Organ Donation

Heath Care Issue
A national organ donation organization constantly confronts changing government expectations, new laws, and the burden of complex regulation. 

HPG Approach
For over 10 years HPG has worked to improve the ability of the nation’s organ procurement organizations (OPOs) to secure and share the critical gift of organs for those in need of transplants.  By monitoring Federal legislation and analyzing health care developments at the regulatory level in Washington, HPG has helped the OPOs build trust and strengthen understanding of procurement and transplantation.  We have succeeded in obtaining new legislation and rewriting regulations to achieve workable solutions and policy priorities.  HPG recently helped revise Federal performance standards for OPOs, obtained new authority for veterans’ hospitals to disclose information for organ donation purposes, and established new programs promoting organ donation. 

In each of those cases, HPG worked at length to cultivate support from lawmakers and Federal agency officials.  At other times, we have designed and pursued a plan of action in response to unanticipated regulatory events.  Armed with technical health expertise and experience with the Federal policy-making process, HPG provides an unparalleled ability to help the national organ donation organization meet its policy needs from beginning to end.