J. Michael Hudson

Mike Hudson has more than 20 years of Washington experience in the development and implementation of public policy, and in the management of government agencies and programs.  He has a long and proven track record for strategic planning, improvements in organizational effectiveness, and advocacy critical to successful policy, regulatory, and legislative outcomes.  He has broad expertise in health care policy development and new financing approaches in the public health programs, and is an authority on the intricacies of the Federal budget and appropriations process, gained from a wide range of senior positions in government.  He founded The Health Policy Group, L.L.C., in Washington, D.C. in 1996.
Mr. Hudson concentrates on the development of new approaches to federal financing of Medicare and Medicaid, central to continued needed reforms of these two public health care programs.  He served as a senior pro bono advisor to Texas Governor George W. Bush and other Governors in the 1995-97 period as Congress wrote national reforms restructuring the Federal/State relationship; and to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, as he sought new ways to make Medicaid responsive to more uninsured Florida populations.  He serves currently as the principal technical advisor to a large academic health system and to other provider groups and organizations concerned with specific Medicare and Medicaid reforms.  He advises start-up companies on reimbursement possibilities and on beneficial policy strategies, including those developing new delivery of care models, innovative pilot programs, and other reform initiatives, as well as other stakeholders interested in modernizing health care.

From 1990-92, he served as Deputy Administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration, now the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  He served earlier in the Reagan Presidency in the Treasury Department under Secretary James A. Baker III, in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, and in the President’s Office of Management and Budget